What happens if you lie on Wikipedia?

Answer a bunch of moronic people quote your lie as fact. maybe 3% of the "info" on wiki is factualthen one day your lie gets removed by somebody who knows it's not true. that's it.

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HELP! What happens If you EDIT Wikipedia?

It was probably quickly removed. These kind of edits are known as vandalism, and most are caught pretty quickly. If it had, you will probably see an organge bar giving you a welcome message, and a ... Read More »

What happens if I constantly change a Wikipedia page?

If you were to constantly change a Wikipedia page in an unhelpful way (helpful edits are always welcome :) ), you would first be warned about your activity, and then, should you then continue, temp... Read More »

What happens when you falsely edit a article on wikipedia?

If you create a false article, it will likely be removed the same day by Wikipedia's large network of volunteer staff. No consequences will fall upon the creator the first time, but repeat offences... Read More »

What happens after I anonymously delete info off a wikipedia page Will they track me?

If you have a point for deleting info, just make sure you state it in the edit summary field and/or leave a note about it in the talk page, and you'll be just fine. If you are editing a hot article... Read More »