What happens when you leave a desktop computer on 24 hours a day?

Answer Some computer users turn their desktops off when not in use, while others find benefits in leaving the computers on, in varying states of energy saving modes. Under certain conditions, leaving a de... Read More »

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What happens if you take more then 6 advils in 24 hours?

Nothing. 6 Advil is like one prescription dose. Don't make a habit of it, hell on your stomach lining, it'll cause ulcers if you do it often.

What happens when erect for longer than four hours?

Viagra almost never causes an erection lasting more than four hours. Other side-effects are much more likely. Viagra only makes it easier to get an erection if you have a particular type of circu... Read More »

If you are a salried employee but cannot work more than forty hours due to pregnancy complications should your employer be able to make you drop down to hourly and you lose your salary?

What does it mean if a headache lasts for more than 10 hours?

That happend to me Not enough sleep and need more water in your system.