What happens if you leave your facebook on, on a shared computer?

Answer go to your active sessions page, and deactivate all the active sessions, and then log back in at home

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Is shared leave tax deductible?

Shared leave and donation of vacation time into a pool are not tax deductible for the donor, according to the Staff Shared Leave Pool's Frequently Asked Questions at the University of Kentucky, ba... Read More »

How to Leave a Shared Folder on Dropbox?

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If someone shared my photo on facebook and I blocked them, does it "unshare"?

your picture still on his page but he can't see it because you block him. Although his friends can!you can unblock himGo to your Privacy Settings > Blocking > Select his name > Click unblock

If a computer is going to be shared, how do i...?

The very first thing you do is make two User Accounts for yourself and make yourself "Computer Administrator" in both. Then you set the same password for both.Name one user, "Administrator" and th... Read More »