What happens if you leave your facebook on, on a shared computer?

Answer go to your active sessions page, and deactivate all the active sessions, and then log back in at home

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What happens when you leave a desktop computer on 24 hours a day?

Some computer users turn their desktops off when not in use, while others find benefits in leaving the computers on, in varying states of energy saving modes. Under certain conditions, leaving a de... Read More »

What happens if you leave food that got stuck on your braces?

It's always best to brush your teeth after you eat, when you have braces. But if you can't brush, at least swish some plain water in your mouth a few times to free any food that might be stuck.Rice... Read More »

What happens when you leave your child unattended in home for little while?

If the car does not have air bags, then a child can sit in the front at any age, but must us a booster seat until they weigh at least 80lbs. If your car has passenger side air bags, then it not rec... Read More »

What Happens After You Get the Certified Letter From Your Mortgage Company to Leave?

The foreclosure process is marked by a series of legal milestones. Once you officially default on your mortgage agreement, your lender notifies you through a Notice of Default sent via certified ma... Read More »