What happens if you lay on your stomach during pregnancy?

Answer You may be uncomfortable if late in your pregnancy.

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What happens to stomach muscles during pregnancy?

loosen up to make space for baby to beAnswerThey do stretch to accommodate the baby and sometimes they separate in the middle a little.If you are fit they tend to snap back into shape after the bir... Read More »

Can you sleep on your stomach during pregnancy?

Answer When I was 1-3 months along it was the most comfortable to sleep any way I could get a good night`s sleep (morning,noon,& night sickness)....but as the baby grows and the sac the baby lives ... Read More »

How soon will your stomach get bigger during pregnancy?

Yur "baby belly" will not appear until the first few weeks of pregnancy.(:

Can a stomach virus during pregnancy harm your baby?

Answer No. The placenta won't let the virus transfer to the baby. All is well. Answer No! I had a stomach virus at 8 weeks pregnant and the doc told me that the baby would be fine. Just keep your... Read More »