What happens if you just stop taking your meds?

Answer Brittany, Dear God. Effexor is an SNRI. It has SERIOUS withdrawal efffects, almost to the point of being impossible to go off of. (Hopefully it CAN be done, but with a doctor's help! Not cold turke... Read More »

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Live On The Oregon Coast, Should I Stop Taking My Meds?

If your husband has delusional disorder and is on medication which he cannot stop can you have a baby when he is on meds and will the meds harm a baby and will your baby get the illness?

Answer If your husband has done any drugs in the past then this can cause delusions (meaning weed, acid, etc.) If not, and he truly has a mental illness then it's best for you to talk to your fami... Read More »

What happens when you stop taking Yasmin?

Yasmin and the lower-dose product, Yaz, contain the synthetic female hormones drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol. The two drugs have also slightly different dosing schedules, but many clinical sim... Read More »

What happens when you stop taking creatine monohydrate?

Creatine is just fuel for your muscles so you have more energy to work out for longerperiods of time/ do more reps. You can build muscle quicker if you do more and heavier reps. The muscle you buil... Read More »