What happens if you inject yourself with food colouring?

Answer This is an interesting question, I was doing some research on it and found that in different types of lab rats the reaction was different. Some rats when injected with food dye, got cancer while in... Read More »

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What happens if you accidentally inject yourself with air instead of insulin?

Air is only dangerous when it enters the vein. There's all this hype about air bubbles causing you to die. This is called an air embolus, and if an air bubble reaches your lungs you very well cou... Read More »

Would you inject yourself with heroin just once...?

How to Make Blue Food Colouring?

I just learned to to make blue food colouring quickly and easily! I used some left over Halloween treats. It was so easy, I couldn't believe it!

Dyeing flower using food colouring?

Go to an art store and get an airbrush. That way you can spray paint the dye on and get a more even colour. Food colouring should work well in an airbrush as it is thinner than paint.