How long can you hold your wee in for?

Answer I can hold it in for hours, But as soon as i reach my front door, the flood gates are Burst!!!

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When you hold in poo for too long?

No. If you hold in poo for too long your body will try to force it out. That is when you need to make a beeline to the bathroom.

Why do you hold it so long instead of just going to the bathroom?

Well, if it's cold at night and I'm *really* sleepy, I'll think about getting up for about half of a second (no longer). In the end, I always, always turn over and go to sleep. Sometimes, my urge t... Read More »

How long will Alamo hold a car?

According to the Alamo customer service department, a rental location will hold a car for up to six hours if the rental has not been prepaid. If the reservation is prepaid, staff will hold the vehi... Read More »

How long will a TDK DVD hold its data?

It is estimated that a TDK DVD, or any type of DVD for that matter, will have a usable life of 25 to 50 years. This theory is hard to prove because DVD media has only been in existence for approxim... Read More »