What happens if you have sex before your period starts?

Answer Answernothing happens its just like having sex when you are off ur period but remember to use protection-pretty in punk Probably nothing would happen...Pretty much nothing I would guess. Since you... Read More »

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My bf fingered me the day before my period he didnt go all the way and then i had my 28day period like always but it stoped after 3days usually it does that then starts back up or did he pop my hymen?

.....You are fine, if your b.f fingers you, there is no chance of pregnancy (unless he had semen in his hand). There are many reasons your periods could act that way, (physical health, stress , etc... Read More »

Yeast infection a few days before period starts?

I am sorry about your infection but do not worry because there are many remedies to resolve your yeast infection, but it is always good to get medical attention. However, you can take care of this ... Read More »

What does it mean if your period starts at its normal time but stops hours later?

Answer Could have been implantation bleeding if pregnancy is a possibility for you go get an at home test or make a doctors appointment for a blood test to see what is going on hope everything wor... Read More »

My broadband goes slow and starts to freeze after a short

I think the old remedy of codliver oil is a great standby for loosing up what is hard to get moving. tongue in cheek winks* loljust kiddin I remembered it from David Copperfield (((silly denis)))))... Read More »