What happens if you have no car insurance?

Answer Then getting into car accidents would really suck. You would then have to pay all the money the cars damage would coast. You would also have to pay for a hospital bill if you get hurt. The best bet... Read More »

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If you have full insurance on your car and it is totalled by an unlicensed driver what happens with your insurance and payments for the car?

Answer If this unlicensed driver was driving your car with your knowledge, you are screwed. But if you mean an unlicensed driver hit your car, if you have full coverage you should be able to collec... Read More »

If you have insurance on your car from another state what happens if you do not change the insurance to the new state you live and work in?

Answer If you have made this new State your primary residence state, your insurance company may require after one year that you register your car and your license in your new state. The auto insura... Read More »

What Happens If You Have a Car Accident & Have No Insurance?

A car accident is frightening in any event, but it's much more so when you don't have auto insurance. In most states, driving without insurance is a crime, and you may face serious penalties for dr... Read More »

What happens if you don't have auto insurance?

Answer If they catch you they will usually take away your license. But most people who drive without insurance have no qualms about driving without a license and usually have nothing of value to t... Read More »