What happens if you have high wight blood cell count?

Answer The usual cause of elevated white cell count (leukocytosis) is a bacterial infection. Once the infection is treated the count automatically comes down. Less common causes are autoimmune diseases li... Read More »

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What causes high white blood cell count?

An infection is a common cause of high white blood cell count. Less commonly, it could be the result of an immune system disorder.

Is 3.6-9.2 of white blood cell count High?

Those numbers are the "normal range". Even a count of "10" would be considered normal. White cells are the ones that fight infections, hence, a higher white count would be indicitive of your body's... Read More »

My mom has a high white blood cell count her appt. isn't until Jan 10th- what could it be?

Don't take her to the Emergency Department. So many people don't understand when to use the ER. Only go there if it is a life and death situation, the pain is too much to bear another second, you... Read More »

I had a blood test my red blood cell is 4.83 and platelet count 421 is that dangerous?

To the person above, if you've only got 4 million RBC in 1/10 of a liter, you are not alive.Normal RBC is approximately 4 million per microliter. That's 400 trillion per deciliter.Anyway, the coun... Read More »