What dosage of milk of magnesia should you give to your three-month-old baby?

Answer ASk your doc about one knows at the moment.

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Why does Phenobarbital only come in oral dosage for baby's?

Phenobarbitone is also available in the form of injection and is used in emergencies. For long term treatment oral preparation is suitable. It is also available as liquid if that is what you want.

How to Give Your Cat Eye Drops?

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Best way to give yourself eye drops?

close your eyes and drop the eye drops in the corner of your eye closest to your nose, and then open your eyes. the eye drops will slide in by themselves.

How to Give Your Dog Eye Drops?

Be very careful when working around your dog's eyes.Eye infections can be very painful for dogs and they need prompt attention and consistent treatment.If your vet has prescribed eye drops or ointm... Read More »