What happens if you get punched in the heart?

Answer Well this all depends on when you are punched in the heart. Aside from the obvious stuff like possibly broken ribs. Two things could happen. A) Nothing. You say ow and move on with lifeB) Your hear... Read More »

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What actually happens to the heart during a heart attack?

The heart muscles will die due to poor nourishment of oxygen. The oxygenated blood will not reach cardiac muscles due to the blockages of the coronary arteries. There are three main coronary arteri... Read More »

What happens when the heart stops?

Blood drains from capillaries in the upper surfaces and collects in the blood vessels in the lower surfaces. Upper surfaces of the body become pale and the lower surfaces become dark. Cells cease a... Read More »

What happens to the heart with low potassium levels?

Potassium is an important mineral that is needed for certain functions of the body. It is needed for muscle contraction and especially for proper function of the heart muscle. Low potassium can bec... Read More »

What happens if a heart attack goes untreated?

Some people have a massive heart attack and never recover. They die. My Dad did that. He had been out digging post holes for a new fence, came in to watch the news and eat lunch, and Boom! he went ... Read More »