What happens if you get a tattoo while pregnant?

Answer Idk! Srry!

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What happens to a tattoo when you get pregnant?

Answer if it's on your belly, it will stretch and/or smear.If you get a tottoo it's a good idea to get it somewhere that's not going to stretch or it will look really bad even if you loose the weight

Can a pregnant woman get a tattoo?

Answer Modern tattooing is super safe, but there is no reason to do anything that would present even 0.0000001% chance of blood born pathogen/infections. Wait until the baby is born.Although, not... Read More »

Is there an effect of a tattoo not setting while pregnant?

Answer This one is a bit trickey...being pregnant will not affect the healing process of the tattoo by any noticable degree. HOWEVER... All professional artists that I know, myself included, flat-o... Read More »

Can getting a tattoo while pregnant harm the baby?

Tattoos can become infected, but only if they are not taken care of properly, or if you went to a dirty shop. BUT...I will say from tattoos absolutely 100% does NOT go into your bloodstr... Read More »