What happens if you get a tattoo while pregnant?

Answer Idk! Srry!

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What happens to a tattoo when you get pregnant?

Answer if it's on your belly, it will stretch and/or smear.If you get a tottoo it's a good idea to get it somewhere that's not going to stretch or it will look really bad even if you loose the weight

What happens if you take diane 35 while pregnant?

no when one is pregnant one should avoid taking medicines

What happens when you don't eat while pregnant?

Eating during pregnancy is very important to maintain the health of both mother and baby. The baby is especially vulnerable if the mother does not eat the proper foods and the proper amounts.Protei... Read More »

What happens when you smoke weed while pregnant?

Its like practicly like the baby is smoking ? soo yeahh if i was you i wuud stop