What happens if you eat cream cheese that has been sitting out for a few hours?

Answer It's fine! Sometimes people leave cream cheese out of the fridge for a long time to soften it before cooking with it. It's not gonna go bad for a good long while. A few hours won't ruin it at all.

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Can you eat half a lemon that has been sitting out for like 5 hours?

It should be totally fine. The rule of thumb is don't eat anything out over 4 hours at room temperature, however, lemons are very acidic so they should be a-okay.

Can I drink coffee that has been sitting out for about 9 hours?

If you know you need it after you come home from school, refrigerate it. Then zap it in the microwave when you get home. Thinking of that coffee sitting there all day and you drinking it gives me... Read More »

How Long Can You Leave Cream Cheese & Dips Sitting Out?

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Would it be ok to eat a slice of broccoli/cheese pizza that's been sitting out for 48 hrs?

If your home was air-conditioned the whole time at like 70 degrees- then go for it.