What happens if you eat a lot of pickled stuff for years?

Answer Your urine, sweat even your body odor will smell acidic like vinegar

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Im 20 years old and been smoking cigarette's for 6 years, every morning I cough up black stuff what is it?

Not only is it tar but the debris from the dirty air that you breathe. The cilia in your interior nose cells have been compromised for a less nutricious toxin, SMOKE! as well as carbon monoxide.Con... Read More »

What happens if you don't go to the dentist for 7 years?

well your teeth will stay the same unless you don't brush! Brushing is very important and going to the dentist is too. Don't worry i know someone who is 11 she has never been to the dentist. hope i... Read More »

What happens if I have not filed my taxes in two years?

All taxpayers who meet the filing requirements are expected to have their returns in to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on or before or postmarked by April 15. Taxpayers who neglect to file the... Read More »

I have had enough of my brother He is 6 years younger than me he seals my stuff and is always mean he gets on my nerves What should I do?

well, depending on how old you are, you should tell him nicely everytime he steals your stuff or gets on your nerves to please stop, or you should go to another room--if he doesnt listen to you, th... Read More »