What happens if you drink while using the restroom?

Answer Nothing happen. Is like drinking any place else.

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How to Be Discreet While Using a Public Restroom?

Whether you're in a public restroom or a guest at someone's house, there's nothing as disgusting as poor restroom etiquette. Learn to be discreet and clean while using a restroom other than your own.

What does it mean when your left side hurts while using the restroom?

You could be getting a UTI or kidney infection. You should see your Dr ASAP.

How to Avoid Embarassment While Using a Public Restroom?

You're in a public restroom, which often embarrasses people when they want to do their business. There are a few methods for avoiding this, keep reading to find out.

What do u drink or eat while using ur computer?

I'm eating right now..and typing at the same time. If I wanted I think I can really multi-task.. eat,drink, and smoke while I'm on the computer..lolz.