What happens if you dont refrigerate after opening a jar of pickles?

Answer lol nothing,.. you can still eat them coz they are fermented and as long as it sits inside the jar its safe to eat.. i ate fermented mango same thing as pickles and i dont put it in fridge sometimes.

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Is it necessary to refrigerate olive oil after opening?

Olive oil does not have to be refrigerated after opening. In fact, refrigeration can have a negative affect on the oil, as condensation may develop in the container and mix with the oil, taking awa... Read More »

Will it hurt me to eat butternut squash soup that I forgot to refrigerate after opening?

I wouldn't do it---unless I was starving and it was the only thing I had and couldn't afford to throw it out---cuz it is like a petri dish right now!!!! If I had to eat it--I'd bring it to a boil ... Read More »

Opening internet explorer 8 opens my homepage in 3 different tabs and I dont know why?

just change your homepage settings back to what they were before. Open the internet, under TOOLS (the circle shaped thing or the wrench), click INTERNET OPTIONS, and in the homepage box, highlight ... Read More »

Dont you just love the commentary before each opening of Y&R in honor of the 40th year anniversary.?

Huh? What's Y&R?Did you mean to post this in Dining Out?