What happens if you don't follow child labor laws?

Answer You get arrested

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Child Labor Laws in Ontario?

Canada regulates the employment of minors at the provincial level more so than at the national level. In Ontario, the general policy is that kids may seek gainful employment at age 14 (see Referenc... Read More »

What are the New Hampshire child labor laws?

AnswerThis website is the official nh state website that will outline specifics of age groups and limitations of work while attending school and while on vacations.

Child Labor Laws in Indiana?

States enact child labor laws to put restrictions on teen workers. While working is an important lesson for teens to learn, it should not interfere with schoolwork or rest. The Indiana Department o... Read More »

Delaware Child Labor Laws?

Throughout the United States, child labor is regulated at both the federal and the state levels. In Delaware, as in most states, children under 14 may not work. Children under 18 may work but only ... Read More »