What happens if you don't follow child labor laws?

Answer You get arrested

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What are the New Hampshire child labor laws?

AnswerThis website is the official nh state website that will outline specifics of age groups and limitations of work while attending school and while on vacations.

What are child labor laws for Illinois?

Well,Florence Kelley Helped push things forward for anti-child labor, she was a factory inspecter, Chief in fact. And she shut down a lot of factories in the early 1900's in Chicago, Illinois to be... Read More »

What are child labor laws in New York State?

Basically you must be 14 to get a work permit. There are limitations on the number of hours a minor can work durng the school day and school weeks.

What happens when they dont prove child abuse?

The child is sometimes called a 'liar' or an 'attention seeking child'. This may happenis common in verbal/emotional abuse situations when the child feels something is wrong but over-reacts to the ... Read More »