What happens if I dont use my retainer?

Answer you wont look like a loser.

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Your three week old babies belly button fell off a week ago Ever since it has bleed leaving doctors puzzeled One doc said dont worry another worries is there a reason to be concerned?

Some bleeding after the cord falls off is normal. If it infected it may cause more bleeding. Continuous bleeding is a cause for concern and requires evaluation by a pediatrician and investigation.

What happens if i dont rake my leaves?

you'll diekiddingi dunno i didnt rake my leaves this year (i live in Tucson so lots of the trees shed their leaves during the hot summer when they die) but i started raking them and then got too la... Read More »

What happens if you dont get alot of sleep?

What happens if you dont trust any member of your family?

Answer Basically, you cannot change them, but you can manage your interactions with them. As an adult, you would create boundaries where they could not interfere with your financial well being, no... Read More »