What happens if you conect your iPhone to two different computers?

Answer That is really only a matter of opinion and can vary according to the individual.

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What happens when your iPhone is jail broken and your iPhone turns off?

If your Iphone has an unthethered jailbreak, nothing happens. For a semi-thethered jailbreak, some apps may not be accessible. For a thethered jailbreak, you need to connect to a computer to be abl... Read More »

What happens to your iTunes content if you sync your iPhone?

That depends on what you tell iTunes to do. If you check the "manually sync music" box, then nothing happens until you tell it to. Nothing will change what's on your iPhone. Same with apps. Same wi... Read More »

What happens if your camera doesn't work on your iPhone?

That is an Easy question .Step 1: Check if it is actually broken or malfunctioning .Step 2: Try to go to a mechanics or ask the geek squad at BEST BUY .Step 3: If it continues to not work just retu... Read More »

You are unlocking your iPhone through o2 right now and wondering what happens when you put a new sim in Are you gonna keep your numbers texts apps and is it going to work with your iTunes?