What happens if you change the yarn weight in a knitting pattern?

Answer Changing the weight of yarn used in a knitting pattern may change the outcome of your project drastically. Because yarn with differing weights produces smaller or larger pieces, your finished produ... Read More »

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What is the difference in Aran Irish twist yarn& regular worsted weight yarn?

Mary Maxim manufactures a type of acrylic yarn called Aran Irish Twist. This yarn is worsted weight--sometimes called medium, afghan or aran weight--and is designated by the number "4" on the wrapp... Read More »

Is Aran Irish Twist yarn different then worsted weight yarn?

Aran Irish Twist yarn is a type of worsted weight yarn. It is manufactured by Mary Maxim, and is made of 100 percent, machine-washable acrylic. It is available in 3.5-ounce skeins.References:Wise N... Read More »

What is worsted weight yarn?

The "weight" of a yarn refers to the thickness of the yarn and the size of stitches it will produce when knitting. Worsted weight is regarded as the standard weight. It is neither thin nor thick ... Read More »

What is bedspread-weight yarn?

Bedspread-weight yarn is a crochet cotton thread which is very firmly twisted and either 4-ply or size 10. In addition to bedspreads, you can use it to make lightweight afghans, bookmarks, doilies,... Read More »