What happens if you cancel the monthly payment on the Ipad 3g does it still work?

Answer It will still work, you just wont be able to use 3G.

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In Florida are you still covered for 3 weeks even after non payment and they cancel you?

Cancelled insurance "They cancell you" What part of "Cancelled " don't you understand? Once your cancelled, you have no coverage. any grace period would have been before the cancel date, not after ... Read More »

Does the iPhone 3G have a monthly payment?

go to menu and click on aplications > then click on camera.pretty easy!!! >_

How does a condo assoc take out a lien for non payment of monthly dues?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents. Usually, assessments automatically represent a lien against the title, and the board -- with its attorney -- can file a formal lien wi... Read More »

Your instructions to make folders is not working on the iPad I. It does work however on the iPad 2. What is wrong.?

you should get a $500 ipad 2 because than even though it is more money it is more advanced and would maybe last longer....that's my opinion!!