What happens if you boil water in very cold freezer?

Answer Depends on if you have enough heat to overcome the freezer cooling capacity.

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What happens if you rinse your retainers in hot water for 5 sec. and then with cold water?

Well I used to have the glue in retainer but, what I'm guessing will happen is that it will start to get rusty a little bit because retainers are really sensible so when you do that it likes gets r... Read More »

What happens when you drink hot water and then cold water right away?

yes, this is okay, it is only water which your body needs. The only times you shouldn't drink water right after is when you are having milk, tea, or coffee.

Does hot or cold water boil faster?

As should be expected, hot water boils faster than cold water. This is true because boiling water is simply the act of heating it until it reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit. The idea that cold water b... Read More »

What Happens When You Add a Drop of Food Coloring to Cold Water?

When one adds a drop of food coloring to cold water, a relatively simple yet visually fantastical process will unfold before your eyes. This process is called diffusion. Water is a universal solven... Read More »