What happens if you boil water in very cold freezer?

Answer Depends on if you have enough heat to overcome the freezer cooling capacity.

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Does hot or cold water boil faster?

As should be expected, hot water boils faster than cold water. This is true because boiling water is simply the act of heating it until it reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit. The idea that cold water b... Read More »

Why is your home refrigerator not cold but the freezer section is extremely cold?

AnswerPossible causes:vents between fridge and freezer sections are clogged with ice. Warranty guy told me to unplug 24 hours, replug and everything should work out.Fautly thermostatClogged/dirty e... Read More »

My samsung American fridge freezer beeping, not giving me water and freezer temp going up?

Hi, if I were you I would just get rid of that freezer and replace it with another one, since your husband seems unable to fix it. This is because your food in the freezer should not be repeatedly ... Read More »

How cold should a home freezer be?

According to, the ideal temperature to keep your home freezer for storing foods is -18 Celsius, or 0 degrees Fahrenheit. When freezing foods, the ideal temperature is -23 ... Read More »