What happens if you block someone on Facebook?

Answer That blocked user won't be able to see or contact you on Facebook and vice versa. You will also not be able to see each other on your friends' lists. You should be -almost- invisible to that pers... Read More »

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What happens your block someone on fb?

No, your all activities 9likes and comments ) will be there in her profiles. And her activities will be there in your profile too. Both of you will see each others activities in a grey color profil... Read More »

What happens if you block someone on Skype?

They do not know that they have been blocked by you.Yes, you are offline to them contact list.If you simply block them, they cant chat or call your skype.Regards,

What happens if I block someone on Skype 10 points?

yes he can see the conversation but will not see you whenever you are online. you will always appear offline to him and he will not even know that you have blocked him.I need my 10 points please!

What happens when you report someone on facebook?

All abuse reports on Facebook are confidential. The user that you are reporting will not know that you have reported them. After the report is submitted, Facebook investigates the issue and makes a... Read More »