What happens if you bite a clothes hanger?

Answer Nah, she'll be alright. Rinsing the mouth might help with the taste, and random bacteria, etc, but other than that you shouldn't need any other precautions.

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What is a clothes hanger?

Clothes hangers are designed for hanging clothes to keep them flat and nicely pressed. They are most often used for hanging professional garments, jackets and winter coats--thus, they are sometimes... Read More »

Who invented the clothes hanger?

Albert J. Parkhouse invented the coat hanger in 1903 while at work at a wire company. Unable to find a free coat hook at his office one day, Parkhouse found a piece of wire that he shaped into a co... Read More »

The Right Way to Hang Clothes on a Hanger?

While hanging your clothes is an effective way to prevent wrinkles that usually occur from folding, improper hanging practices can stretch the shoulders of your clothing or even lead to tearing if ... Read More »

How do I make a slim jim out of a clothes hanger?

Straighten out the HangerFind a bendable hanger that is easy to twist and bend. This is usually a cheap, older hanger. Straighten out the hanger as much as you can by twisting and bending it.Make t... Read More »