What happens if you are only 25 weeks and have a very low amniotic fluid?

Answer Answer Yes. Natural childbirth hurts more though.

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weeks with leaking amniotic fluid?

If you know it's definitely your water, then I would try to encourage contractions to start more regularly on their own. Since you're doing a VBAC, you obviously know that Pitocin is generally not ... Read More »

What does it mean if at 35 weeks your doctor says your amniotic fluid is starting to diminish?

Answer MAybe it'e leaking out slowly. You are 35 weeks so if the baby needs to come soon, the chance of survival is great.AnswerIt could either mean that you have a small leak or that your body is... Read More »

Is this amniotic fluid leakingi had a sudden wet feeling and you went to the bathroom and nothing happened and the fluid has no smell to it?

It Protects The Baby Against Any Bump Or Damages To The Mother.SanjaySunjuu_Bunjuu!

How much amniotic fluid is in the amniotic sac?

The most volume is typically toward the end of gestation and is around 800 - 1000 mL in normal pregnancies.