What happens if you are caught without your insurance card?

Answer Answer If you are caught in the state of Illinois without your insurance card you will receive a citation. It is an automatic $500.00 fine. If you bring your valid insurance card with you to court ... Read More »

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Your Car caught Fire what will your insurance cover?

If you have Comprehensive Coverage on your Auto Insurance policy, you will be covered. They will either repair the vehicle or compensate you for the loss of the vehicle if it is not repairable.

How to not get caught using a credit card to buy stuff online?

You are actually asking how to use a credit card that is NOT yours. right? Well thats stealing.Your question is violating Y/A terms of service. "Members of Yahoo! Answers are not above the law, so ... Read More »

If you been caught doing 79mph in a 25mph zone on a 4 wheeler will your car insurance be affected?

Of course. Did you think that because it was a off road vehicle that you wouldn't be charged and convicted for such a stupid act?That was THREE TIMES the posted limit.

Can you use a stolen credit card to get a 1 month trial on netflix without getting caught?

Actually Netflix puts a holding charge of $1.00 to validate the card. If the person who lost the card reports the fraudulent charge, it can be traced back to the e-mail account, ISP, and ultimatel... Read More »