What happens if you are caught without your insurance card?

Answer Answer If you are caught in the state of Illinois without your insurance card you will receive a citation. It is an automatic $500.00 fine. If you bring your valid insurance card with you to court ... Read More »

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What happens if you are caught without a ticket?

Depends what kind of mood the ticket inspector is in. He should take your name and address so they can send you an invoice for payment, but that is a lot of hassle for him and if it is for a small ... Read More »

What happens if you were to buy an app without credit on your iTunes Gift card?

It charges the amount to your credit card you've entered into iTunes. --- Yes, but I don't have a credit card programmed into itunes and it still let me buy the app. I didn't have any money left o... Read More »

What happens if you get caught jail braking your iPhone 4?

No. They both run an averagely speedy A4 processor. The difference is the 16gb can hold twice as many songs, videos, contacts, and apps.

What happens if you hit a car&run without insurance?

Motor vehicle laws in the United States vary from state to state, but some principles are the same everywhere. Leaving the scene will add to the problems you have when you are involved in any sort ... Read More »