What happens if you add liquid and powder soap to clothe at same time?

Answer no

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Can I use a substitute like liquid dish soap or laundry powder in a dish washer?

Liquid dish soap will create a terrible mess! It creates too much foam. But If you have Laundry Borax (20 mule team) and Washing soda (not baking soda) make a mixture 50/50 of this and use a tables... Read More »

What happens when you sip a purple sprite and smoke weed at the same time?

what happens is you hydrate, while at the same time getting high.

What happens when you have both composite and s video plugged in at the same time?

In many circumstances, insertion of the s-video cable cuts off the associated composite output or input. That is one function of the alignment tab at the bottom,

How to Make Your Own Dish Soap With Dry Soap Powder?

If you are tired of purchasing dish soap from the store, you can make your own dish soap at home and always have it on hand. Commercial dish soaps can contain harsh additives. You can use a few bas... Read More »