What happens if we press a 16 year old girl's breasts?

Answer depends what age you are if your way older than her she will probly call rape and youll get in trouble

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Perky Breasts What happens?

One of the best movements to do is pullovers. lay acrossed a bench. hold a fairly heavy dumbbell in front of you above your chest and let the weight stretch back toward the floor and then pull it... Read More »

What happens if you hold down the Alt key and press F4?

damn I closed the window haha you tricked me :)

What happens if I press 'delete cookies' ?

It deletes stored information on websites you've visited.It often helps your computer become quicker if it was a little slow before deleting the cookies.

What happens when you press clean on an oven?

The oven gets hot enough to burn off encrusted grease and grime.