What happens if the umbilical cord is left uncut?

Answer nothing. actually is recommended that the cord to be left uncut after the birth, until he stops pulsating. unfortunately the doctors at the hospital are rushing everything: the birth, the cut of th... Read More »

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What happens if an umbilical cord is not cut?

The umbilical cord attaches the infant to the placenta. If left alone, it would normally wither and fall off eventually anyway; clamping it and cutting it off is just a more hygenic and safer way o... Read More »

What happens to the cut umbilical cord and when?

it is kept for stem cell research if parents pay/agree or else it's thrown out

Where does the umbilical cord go after its cut?

Along with the placenta that it's attached to it's thrown away as human waste. The tiny bit attached to the baby where the scar will be the bellybutton, will soon shrivel up and fall off.

When should you cut the umbilical cord?