What happens if the plaintiff does not show in a child support case?

Answer The court will likely enter an order dismissing the matter for want of prosecution. If the order includes the phrase, "with prejudice," the matter cannot be brought again.

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Lets say - Judge Judy awards the plaintiff x amount of dollars for winning their case. I would like to know how does that plaintiff get paid. Does the plaintiff have to deposit the money into Court?

NO your Money will be deposited into a escrow account by your attorney. An escrow account is an account that your attorney name and your name is on that account. To make any withdrawal from tha acc... Read More »

Who does the plaintiff sue in a civil court case?

In a civil suit, a plaintiff (the person who files the complaint) sues a defendant. Civil laws deal with the rights of citizens. Civil cases can involve breach of contract, property damage and othe... Read More »

When a child is abandoned by a parent receiving child support how does that child get the child support?

The persons in custody of the child must file for legal guardianship and request the court modify the child support order. The person needs legal standing to receive child support.

What happens once a case of child abuse is confirmed?

If the abuse is bad enough, the child will be eventually be taken away.