What happens if the defendant cannot afford the lawsuit settlement?

Answer It does not happen frequently but sometimes a defendant in a lawsuit cannot pay the settlement amount. In such cases, the plaintiff and his attorney should exercise due diligence as a defense again... Read More »

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What does a mistrial mean for the defendant?

A mistrial is essentially the cancellation of a trial. Reasons for a mistrial include established prejudice against the defendant, a hung jury or an error in the courtroom proceedings. Mistrials so... Read More »

Why Should the Defendant Review the Plea Agreement?

When you are charged with a criminal offense, you have the option of pleading guilty or fighting the charges by going to trial. The prosecutor will offer you a deal. He wants to entice you to acce... Read More »

Can you sue the defendant for court fees in small claims?

On One Hand: You Can Sue For Court CostsWhen you make your initial claim for judgment or other action in court, you can include court costs in your initial court filing. This will include the costs... Read More »

Does the filing of bankruptcy by a defendant stop a contractual arbitration?

The United States Bankruptcy Code provides an automatic stay (cessation) of all collection activities. Judicial and nonjudicial arbitration proceedings must be placed on hold unless and until a cre... Read More »