What happens if the builder of a condominium project files bankruptcy?

Answer Depending on the state of the project at filing time, there may be several options. First, if there are owners involved who have purchased units, especially those with mortgages, those entities sho... Read More »

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What happens if a builder files for bankruptcy?

While it may be a bit of an inconvenience if your builder files for bankruptcy, you may not be negatively impacted at all. This depends on the type of bankruptcy filed and the builder's intentions.... Read More »

What happens if my bank files for bankruptcy?

It isn't uncommon for individuals to question what would happen if their bank filed for bankruptcy. According to Market Watch, bank failures are expected to keep rising throughout the years.Signifi... Read More »

What happens when a company files for bankruptcy?

When a company files for bankruptcy, it is acknowledging its insolvency and need to eliminate lots of debt. While in bankruptcy, a judge may discharge some debts and put the company on a path towar... Read More »

What happens to a condo if the developer files for bankruptcy?

In a Condo...there is no separate building to file for BK. The individual Condo owners pwn fee simple title, (that is complete title) to their unit. That could happen in a Co-op...where the buildi... Read More »