What happens if the baby accidentally eats a methadone pill?

Answer take baby to ER immediately! how the heck does the baby get a methadone pill??

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What does one do when one accidentally eats the star of the show?

Now I KNOW you're not talking about me.The rabbits got them all this year. You are welcome to as much lettuce as you can eat. It's the only veg that has grown well this year and the rabbits have ig... Read More »

You missed your period and you just started taking the pill last week and you should have got it then you have been more tired with back pains If i am pregnant could the pill hurt the baby?

Answer Firstly back pain is not a usual early pregnancy symptom. If you are pregnant, taking the pill will not harm the baby in any way. When you first start taking the pill, you should wait unt... Read More »

What should I do if my child accidentally eat all my wife's birth control pill?

Answer If there are any of the birth control pills left then phone emergency immediately and show them what type of birth control pills. Birth control pills are full of hormones and extremely dange... Read More »

If your boyfriend is doing methadone will your unborn baby have problems?

The simplest answer would be yes, seen as the father is on methadone, and is either a former heroin user, or one step away from becoming one. Either way, neither is good for an unborn, or indeed bo... Read More »