What happens if someone pays a tip?

Answer It is a good time to buy now as prices are depressingly low. Offers at well below valuation are being accepted. Remember the taxes in addition to purchase price

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What happens if someone lies about you abusing drugs in the military... Does an investigation get started... What happens when they investigate?

If you're not using drugs, the investigation will find that out. Why are you worried?

Who Pays a Mortgage When Someone Dies?

When someone dies, you may be worried about who pays the mortgage while the estate is being settled. The answer depends on whose name is on the loan and who owns the home. The executor of the estat... Read More »

Is there a way to find out how much someone pays on their mortgage?

Ok, I know why you are asking from your last question. What they pay for a mortgage has nothing to do with the amount of rent you should pay. For all you know their home is paid off, that does not ... Read More »

What happens your block someone on fb?

No, your all activities 9likes and comments ) will be there in her profiles. And her activities will be there in your profile too. Both of you will see each others activities in a grey color profil... Read More »