What happens if someone breaks a copyright law?

Answer On One Hand: Monetary Penalties and ImprisonmentWhen a person illegally copies a copyrighted work, the owner of the work can sue for damages. Damages include lost profit due to the copyright infrin... Read More »

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What happens if someone breaks a restraining order?

On One Hand: Punishment varies by stateThe punishment of violating a restraining order varies by state. In California, for example, intentionally violating a restraining order can be punished with ... Read More »

What happens to a copyright when someone dies?

Copyright law protects original works ranging from literature to art to music. A copyright owner is granted several rights regarding his protected works. Those rights are not immediately cut off wh... Read More »

What Happens If a Sway Bar Breaks?

Sway bars are part of an automobile's suspension system, helping to keep the vehicle in line while it is turning. As a result, the car is more level as it drives over uneven surfaces and makes shar... Read More »

What Happens If Your CV Joint Breaks?

Constant-velocity (CV) joints sit on either end of the drive shaft on front-wheel drive cars. They allow for up and down motion and bend in any direction when steering.