What happens if my tooth falls out when I am sleeping?

Answer You choke and die. It's as simple as that. Just pull it out with some pliers! Be a man!!

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What happens if a tooth that needs a root canal falls out?

you don't have a tooth in that location anymore. They can't put it back.You then have two options to fill the gap. A bridge or an implant.A bridge fits between two teeth to fill the gap.An implan... Read More »

What Does It Mean When a Tooth Falls Out?

Children lose primary teeth, also known as baby teeth, because the teeth loosen when their jaw begins to grow to its final size. Tooth loss in adults can be caused by many things and be cause for c... Read More »

What Really Happens When a Part of Your Body Falls Asleep?

Oftentimes, after keeping pressure on a particular body part for an extended period, you may find that it's difficult to move the limb or that it feels tingly, as if it's on pins and needles. This ... Read More »

What happens when your tooth rots underneath a crown?

The decay starts to grow and spread into the denten which is where the nerve is located causing one to then need a root canal. If the tooth can be saved a root canal is done, the tooth is built up ... Read More »