What happens if my tooth falls out when I am sleeping?

Answer You choke and die. It's as simple as that. Just pull it out with some pliers! Be a man!!

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What Does It Mean When a Tooth Falls Out?

Children lose primary teeth, also known as baby teeth, because the teeth loosen when their jaw begins to grow to its final size. Tooth loss in adults can be caused by many things and be cause for c... Read More »

What happens if a tooth that needs a root canal falls out?

you don't have a tooth in that location anymore. They can't put it back.You then have two options to fill the gap. A bridge or an implant.A bridge fits between two teeth to fill the gap.An implan... Read More »

If a tooth falls out how long can you wait for having it put back in?

Teeth that get knocked out can usually be put back in to the socket and splinted by a dentist, but because your mum has bone loss, there is nothing to anchor that tooth in the socket. I'm sorry to ... Read More »

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