What happens if my bank files for bankruptcy?

Answer It isn't uncommon for individuals to question what would happen if their bank filed for bankruptcy. According to Market Watch, bank failures are expected to keep rising throughout the years.Signifi... Read More »

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What happens to assets when a bank goes into bankruptcy?

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) protects the assets of a bank that has fallen into bankruptcy or "failed." The FDIC is responsible for collecting the assets of the bank and insuring the ... Read More »

Are bank records checked in bankruptcy?

U.S.Bankruptcy Law 4002 requires debtors to supply financial records including bank statements. The trustee can request anywhere from one to 12 months of records. However, according to the Bankrupt... Read More »

Can a bankruptcy trustee look at my bank account?

Yes. A bankruptcy trustee's job is to administer your estate in bankruptcy and to make sure--in the case of a Chapter 7, or "straight" bankruptcy--that any assets you hold above a certain dollar a... Read More »

How long does it take a bank to foreclose in a bankruptcy?

If you file for bankruptcy, you will receive an automatic stay against foreclosure. Keep in mind, though that a bank can file a motion to lift the stay, and these are routinely granted. Once the st... Read More »