What happens if i uninstall internet explorer and use only firefox?

Answer nothing. You just have to set firefox as your standard browser (which it does automatically anyways when you load it the first time),otherwise applications which use the internet browser will not w... Read More »

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How to Uninstall Ask Toolbar from Firefox/Internet Explorer/More?

After you get Ask Toolbar automatically removed, please check the items related with Add-ons section, like the Manage Add-ons in Windows Internet Explorer; if any plugin(s) found, you then ... Read More »

How do I get Internet Explorer off my sony vaio. When I click uninstall it says "this action can only be done?

IE is part of the Windows operating system, you cannot actually get rid of it. Some of the files that make FF and GC work are part of IE.

What Internet Browser would you rather use FIREFOX,SAFARI,INTERNET EXPLORER ?

Internet Explorer, but my university we have Firefox.

What is the difference between internet explorer and Mozilla firefox?

Simply put, the major difference is that Firefox loads pages faster. Most people, when switching from IE to Firefox notice that immediately and are pleased with the result.Mozilla Firefox seems to ... Read More »