What happens if i type "who is the cutest" in google im feeling lucky?

Answer I thought it would probably something related to cute baby animals.But it's actually even more boring than that!

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Type in 2204355 in google then hit Im Feeling Lucky?

Type in "google chuck norris" then hit im feeling lucky!!! LMAO Funny!~Rachel

What happens when you type "2204355" on Google and press, I'm Feeling Lucky?

Go to and type "failure" then search as "i'm feeling lucky"?

Someone at Google has a good sense of humour, try this:Go to google, then click maps, then click get directions......type in New York to Paris France and look at direction # 21.

If you're bored, go to google, type "find chuck norris" and hit 'feeling lucky'?

YEA MAN YOU DO JUST THAT! great job that was funny =]