What happens if i turn my game resolution higher than my screen supports?

Answer The screen would either go black or display a message saying Out of frequency or the like. Usually when you make a change to resolution it'll revert automatically after 10s if your screen is not re... Read More »

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Can I install a higher resolution screen on my laptop?

Simple answer is no, they are not replaceable.

What would you rather have for your TV A higher Screen Refresh Rate (Hz) or a Vertical Resolution (p)?

GET a plasma with high vertical resolution and you get BOTH!The screen refresh rate options came out of LCDs limitation to refresh fast enough, so get a plasma and problem solved.

If a digital camera has a higher resolution will its price be higher?

Depending on the type of camera (ie.. Kodak, Canon, etc...) yes your price will be higher. If you go with a cheaper camera that has less features but a higher resolution, that would be your best be... Read More »

What is better higher resolution or lower resolution?

Lower resolution. Because if you buy a large thin TV and use the antenna you'll get some poor quality due to the size of your 68" TV. The smaller the size if the better cuz the pixel's will be bett... Read More »