What happens if i turn my game resolution higher than my screen supports?

Answer The screen would either go black or display a message saying Out of frequency or the like. Usually when you make a change to resolution it'll revert automatically after 10s if your screen is not re... Read More »

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Is 1080i screen resolution better than 1080p resolution?

No, 1080p resolution is better than 1080i resolution. This also holds true with 480i and 480p resolution.

Can I install a higher resolution screen on my laptop?

Simple answer is no, they are not replaceable.

What would you rather have for your TV A higher Screen Refresh Rate (Hz) or a Vertical Resolution (p)?

GET a plasma with high vertical resolution and you get BOTH!The screen refresh rate options came out of LCDs limitation to refresh fast enough, so get a plasma and problem solved.

Why don't TVs support higher resolution than its size?

i think it is not that much easy. Resultion is not only signifies the number of pixels / tiny elements.The clarity of the picture tube or LCD also divided by its scanning technique. There are two p... Read More »