What happens if i press promote button on facebook page?

Answer i dont know anything about payment on facebook.:(sorry.

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What happens if you press the "i'm feeling lucky" button on google?

it takes you straight to the first page about whhat you have searched

What happens when you press the power button on a computer ?

same as any power button lol you turn on the electricity. computer does the rest

What happens if you press open door button on the DLR while its moving?

The doors will only open when the 'Train Captain' (or whatever they are called now) 'releases' the doors. Press the buttons all you like while the train is moving: they won't open.This applies to a... Read More »

My computer will not turn on. I press the "on" button and nothing happens. What could be wrong?

1. Check the power cord, surge protector, etc. to be sure everything is connected.2. You may have a switch issue. Unplug the power cord from the computer. Then, while holding in the "on" button... Read More »