What happens if i miss my court date?

Answer Whether you are involved in a criminal or civil case, missing your court date can have a drastic effect on the outcome of your case. If you know beforehand that you will miss court, contact your a... Read More »

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What should you do if you miss a court date for your eviction?

On One Hand: Contact the Court QuicklyIf you miss a court date for an eviction hearing, you should contact the court as soon as possible. If a default judgment was entered, you must contact the cou... Read More »

What happens when a court date on speeding ticket doesn't match the actual court date?

Traffic tickets sometimes have incorrect information on them. Some errors--e.g., those pertaining to dates and spelling--are considered clerical errors and not, according to Dynamic Legal Solutions... Read More »

How Do I Find My Court Date in Washington State Federal District Court?

Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) is a database that contains information on cases in the federal district courts. The system holds more than 500 million case files, including those... Read More »

What happens if you don't show up in court on your court date?

There are a variety of penalties that a court will impose if you do not show up for your court date, depending on the nature of the hearing scheduled.WarrantIf you are scheduled for a court date du... Read More »