What happens if i don't pay a small claims judgment?

Answer On One Hand: Plaintiff Can Begin to ExecuteIf you don't pay a small claims judgment, the plaintiff can begin to execute on the judgment. This means that the plaintiff can garnish your wages, attach... Read More »

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How do I collect a small claims judgment?

If you have recently won a case in small claims court, which try cases that pay up to $5,000 as a maximum award, you still have to jump through some hoops to collect your small claims settlement. E... Read More »

What is a small claims judgment form?

Though details vary by jurisdiction, the Small Claims Judgment form summarizes a judgment against the defendant. It includes the amount owed by the defendant, how the amount must be paid, and the c... Read More »

How to Recover a Small Claims Judgment?

You've won your small claims court case and are wondering how to recover your judgment from the defendant. The court will not collect it for you. You have to take certain steps to ensure the judgme... Read More »

How Long Does a Small Claims Court Judgment Last?

The amount of time a small claims judgment lasts varies from one state to the next. They generally last between three and five years.Source:American Bar Association