What happens if children had sex with a sex doll?

Answer absolutely nothing.

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What happens to the kids if there was adultery committed with a friend of the children when you divorce?

Answer It sounds like the parent was setting up the kids for some serious feelings of guilt. "If I hadn't been friends with..."Instead, the adulterer needs to let the kids know that they were not ... Read More »

What happens to sexually abused children?

It depends. If they don't tell anyone then nothing happens to them. But if they tell someone then they go to people who know all about it. And they talk to them and help them to get through it.

In SC how is a mother proven unfit and what happens to the children?

Being proven unfit is interpretive, and limited by state budget problems. Unless there's an immediate danger, they will not take the kids as there's no place to put them. They will not consider a... Read More »

What is the name of cartoon with a girl with two ponytails and has a doll and has a sofa use to come out in pbs kids?