What happens if bankruptcy is declared?

Answer If you file a petition for bankruptcy protection due to overwhelming debts, you will not be required to pay any debts at that time. The court will notify all of your creditors that a bankruptcy has... Read More »

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What private Student Loans can I get if my parents have declared Bankruptcy and they are my only Co-Signers?

$4989 seems like a low amount to receive for a student whose parents can't afford school. Are you sure that isn't your EFC? Is this the amount on the award letter from your college?Well if they d... Read More »

How to Have Someone Declared Incompetent?

Having someone declared incompetent may be necessary in cases of old age or mental illness. An incompetent person, who may also be referred to as "incapacitated," lacks the ability to make respons... Read More »

How to Get a Land Declared Common?

In England, common land is legally defined as any piece of real estate that is privately owned but available for public use. The use of common land found importance in England, where grazing cattle... Read More »

When Is a Car Declared Totaled in Insurance?

After an accident, there are many things to think about, including what to do if your car is totaled. Before replacements or repairs, a decision must be made by insurors whether the car is totaled ... Read More »