What happens if an uncontested divorce suddenly becomes contested?

Answer On One Hand: Divorce Becomes More ExpensiveWhile a couple may mutually decide to divorce, as the process continues, disagreements over matters of property division, child custody and financial supp... Read More »

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What is an uncontested divorce?

Any divorce is likely to end with bitterness and arguments, but it is possible to keep those to a minimum. If you are able to see eye to eye and take the steps without the help of the court, then y... Read More »

Uncontested Divorce Agreements?

When a divorcing couple is able to settle the details of their split between themselves, their divorce is uncontested. There are several advantages to an uncontested divorce, which usually takes fa... Read More »

How much is an uncontested divorce?

The cost varies from state to state. For example, in New York, if you prepare the divorce packet yourself, you owe about $335 in court fees. Otherwise, a lawyer can cost from $250 to $2,500 in addi... Read More »

How do I file an uncontested divorce in Maine?

FilingDetermine whether or not you meet residency requirements. You--that is, the filing party--must have resided in Maine for six months, or your spouse lives there. In the alternative, you live t... Read More »