What happens if an 18 year old gets pregnant by an 15 year old?

Answer The 18yo can get into legal trouble since they had sex with a minor, aka statutory rape. This all depends on where you live though and their laws.

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What happens when a 14 year old boy gets 17 year old pregnant?

Often this could lead to arrests, in this case it's likely that the girl, who is much older than the boy would be arrested for child abuse.The boy becomes a man as a father and a husband.

What happens if a 17 year old gets a 14 year old pregnant?

Depends on the laws in your state, in case there are some close in age exceptions. Otherwise it would probably be sexual abuse or both can be charged for having sex.

What happens to the 18 year old gets 15 year old pregnant in ny?

If a 14 year old girl gets pregnant what will happen to the 16 year old boy that got her pregnant?

Yes he can get in trouble that is considered rape. If the police find out he will go to jail. I hope this really didnt happen. :)