What happens if a woman is hemoraging before child birth?

Answer BAD

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What happens to an adopted child if something happens to the adoptive parents before the child is of legal age?

Answer Relatives of the adopted child whether biological or through the adoptive parents are given the opportunity to become the minor child's guardian.If there is an estate a Guardian Ad Litem wi... Read More »

What happens during child birth?

Labor is in three stages, childbirth being the second stage. Beforehand, the woman's water breaks and she starts to have contractions, which pushes the baby down. This dilates the cervix. When the ... Read More »

What is the term used for a woman who suffers trauma as a result of child birth?

Yes, this is called a missed miscarriage or an early miscarriage.

Can a woman with FASD give birth to normal child?

Yes, FASD is not able to be passed genetically.