What happens if a person refuses to sign divorce papers?

Answer On One Hand: Default DivorceFailing to sign divorce papers within the specified time period can result in a default divorce, where the court moves ahead with the divorce proceedings as though both ... Read More »

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What happens if I don't sign the divorce papers?

On One Hand: Default DivorceIf you do not sign divorce papers by the deadline, your spouse can file for a default divorce. Assuming all legal processes were followed at the time you were served wit... Read More »

What happens if someone will not sign the divorce papers?

On One Hand: Summary DivorceA summary divorce is one that is simpler and faster than a regular divorce. According to Video Jug, a summary divorce is typically between a couple that has been married... Read More »

Should I Sign the Papers if My Wife Wants a Divorce?

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How long do you have to sign divorce papers?

Divorce law allows 30 days, after the serving of the papers to the other party, for the papers to be signed and returned. After the 30 days, the issuing party proceeds with a contested divorce case... Read More »